About Us

Welcome to CjsKetoKitchen

CJ and SarahSo we are C.J. and Sarah and we are the founders and host for CjsKetoKitchen.  We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Tacoma, Washington.  Our love for Keto started in August 2016 when Sarah decided to adopt the keto lifestyle as her way of eating, I didn’t join her with Keto until December 2016.

In 2016 we both needed to lose weight, I’d started my weight loss journey in December 2015, after I finally decided that I’d spent enough time, energy and money trying to loss weight.  I started with a standard calorie counting, and exercise approach to losing weight and it did work well for a while. I lost probably 30 lbs but then I hit a major plateau where I was stuck for several months.

Sarah’s journey began when I sent her a photo I’d taken by chance on a trip to the ocean in July 2016, apparently she didn’t like what she saw and it motivated her to change.  We have both lost 50 – 60 lbs, and lost a considerable amount of inches.  I’ve lost 8 inches from my waist going from size 48 pants down to size 40 pants.  Sarah has had even better results with Keto going from size 20 pants to size 4/6 pants.

Frequently Asked Questions About CjsketoKitchen:

Question:  Why is it called “CjsKetoKitchen” when Sarah does all of the work/cooking?

Answer: Well when we started the channel the Domain Name “SarahsKetoKitchen” wasn’t available.  We’ve talk about this a lot because we get asked this question over and over.  Sarah and I are a partnership, although she is on camera cooking 90% of the time.  C.J.’s work starts with filming the cooking videos, doing all of the editing, managing the blog which includes uploading the recipes, calculating the macros and making the blog a place were you can get information.  When we originally started this journey CJ also was doing cooking videos and keto conversation videos solo.  Sarah joined him much later on YouTube.

Question:  Does Sarah dress that way all the time?

Answer:  Yes and No.  Of course when she sleeps she isn’t dressed to the hilt (smile).  But generally 98% Sarah dressing very nicely and wears full makeup, just because that is how she is.

Question:  What kinds of recipes do you specialize in?

Answer:  We probably specialize in easy to make Keto/Low Carb Casseroles, but we also have lots of dessert recipes.  So we try and provide our audience with a wide range of keto and low carb recipes.  We try and make recipes that are easy to prepare, with the idea that you can make a dish that the entire family will enjoy Keto or not.  We release new recipes every Sunday on YouTube and generally do 2 sweet and 2 savory recipes per month.  We also do holiday themed recipes to make sure that you can still enjoy special occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving but still remain Keto.

Question:  Why are your YouTube videos long versus the sped up videos on YouTube; I don’t have time to watch long videos.

Answer:  When we prepare a recipe our goal is to explain it in such a way that experienced and non-experienced cooks can have success making the recipes.  We realize that we probably could get more subscribers and greater views with we sped everything up with the recipes. However, that’s not how roll.  We understand that our style and content might not be for everyone, but that’s fine there are a lot of keto cooking channels on YouTube and if we don’t resonate with you that’s fine.  We still wish everyone success on there Keto journey and we try and provide options so that you can adopt Keto as a lifestyle.

Question:  Why does CJ not act more enthusiastic and excited when doing his taste test on YouTube; He doesn’t see very appreciative of Sarah’s Cooking

Answer:   All of the assumptions about C.J. being unappreciative of my cooking is totally wrong, not even close to reality!  He is very appreciative or my cooking and what I do.  Unfortunately for C.J. he is often misunderstood by people because he doesn’t show much emotions and that is pretty consistent on and off YouTube.  Most people don’t realize how much work C.J. actually does to make all of this possible.  He is our camera man, our video editor, our webmaster, or social media expert…people also don’t realize that when we film our videos that 99% of the time he is just getting home from working all day, and is often exhausted mentally because of his job.  He never really wanted to do the taste test, that was something that came as people requested it on YouTube.  C.J. is one of the strongest, kindest men that I’ve every met. You just don’t know how hard he works to bring content to our channel and blog, unfortunately people see a small snippet of his personality and make snap judgments.