You fell off the keto wagon? Here’s some hacks to get back on…..

In this weeks Keto Conversation we sit down and talk about video strategies for getting back on track with your keto diet or keto journey – Shaking Things Up On Keto.


We’ve committed to the BBB&E extreme carnivore hack by Dr. Ken Berry, for the next 30 days.


This is part of our personal SHAKE UP!

You fell of the Keto Wagon and it’s pulled you down the road. Let’s get back on track!

We talk about some signs that should tell you that you need to make a change and also 7 strategies of how to get back on track. Let me share them with you here…


Tip #1

Intermittent Fasting:

 Fasting is a healthy, effective way to use up your glycogen stores. An intermittent fast is an effective way to get back into ketosis quickly.


Most fasts last for 13-18 hours, but some people experienced with fasting try a full 24- or 48-hour fast, I’ve been fasting in various schedules for 5 years now, and I highly recommend it.



Drink Tons of Water:

As part of your keto reboot schedule, you should increase your water intake. This helps you for two reasons, it helps flush out excess insulin as your body resets itself, and also it helps with craving and makes you feel full. Be sure to maintain your electrolyte balance!


Tip #3

Whenever You’re Hungry, Aim For Fat:

Eating plenty of fats has an added benefit: Science shows that high-fat meals increase satiety and cause appetite suppression, It also helps to prevent sugar and carb cravings.



Keep Your Taste Buds Guessing:

Remember, keto is meant to be a lifestyle — a lifestyle that’s enjoyable, makes you feel good, and frankly, makes you feel good about yourself. Rather than deprive yourself of your favorite foods, try new foods and prepare them in low-carb ways. 

Another idea is to vary the way you practice low-carb…CJ & I have decided to do a month of “extreme carnivore” meaning eating only beef butter bacon and eggs for 30-days.

A rest for your body, in the form of an elimination diet can be very beneficial for your body, and may help give you an idea of foods you are eating that might be causing inflammation.




Don’t consider exercise your punishment for cheating on keto; it’s actually a really good thing for your body. 

You don’t have to run a marathon, it could be as simple as a walk around the block.



Reset Your Body With Quality sleep:

Your body’s best chance of resetting and repairing itself happens while you’re sleeping.

When you don’t sleep well, you will notice an increase in your hunger and appetite. You are also causing your cells to become 30% less effective in their ability to use insulin!



Consider keto supplements:

You can use exogenous ketones to supply your body with energy as it works its way back into a ketogenic state.

We have also found personal benefit in MCT powders, collagen, and electrolytes.

By using these aids with the other listed tips, it can help speed  your keto-adaptation period, entering ketosis quickly. 


The purpose of a keto reboot is to get you back into ketosis. However, a better scenario is never getting kicked out in the first place. But here at CJ’s keto kitchen, we realize that’s not very realistic, so we hope these tips can get you back on that wagon!!


If you’d like to watch our full video discussion I will link it for you here:



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