Celebrating non-scale victories

In this weeks blog post we discuss Keto Non Scale Victories (NSV) and why they are so important to recognize and celebrate.


Quit getting hung up on the scale not moving! You are making progress daily on Keto towards your long term health. 



Whether weight loss or well-being is your goal, building a healthier life is a multifaceted process. And it doesn’t happen overnight.


Important non-scale victories to consider:



  • Going down in clothing sizes


  • Belly not hitting the steering wheel


  • Accomplishing fitness tasks previously unable to


  • Fitting better in airplane and movie theater seats


  • Cuter clothes


  • Riding on roller coasters again


  • Going on a bike ride longer than 5 minutes



Here’s a favorite:

Your measurements improve

Exercising, especially strength or weight training, can change your measurements. One important number to track is your waist circumference. According to a 2020 study, losing inches around your middle can reduce your risk of life threatening cardiovascular diseases.

If you’re looking for another NSV to measure, keep an eye on your waist-to-hip ratio(this is so crucial to how I think about weight, I will most likely do a dedicated post on this topic soon) and notice the changes as you continue with your health habits.


The Bottom Line:

Losing weight is a health goal for many people. While it’s fine to measure your weight on a scale from time to time, the number on the scale isn’t the only way to measure your results on this lifestyle.

When you notice and celebrate your many non-scale victories, you’re more likely to stay motivated in a long-term journey to a healthier life.

Take the time to look around.. Notice the inner and outer changes you’ve made, and are still making.

Appreciate the effort you’ve invested in becoming healthier. Don’t give up, and keep pushing forward!



for more support, check out our keto conversation on the subject we did a few years back:


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