Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas

Showcasing 5 Keto Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas

Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas
5 Delicious Keto Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas


So the day after Christmas… I took my two daughters to the dollar store to spend their allowance. And even though it was only one day after Christmas, all of the Christmas decorations and gifts were completely gone, aside from a small bin of discounted candy.


Everyone loves chocolate....
Sweets for your sweetie

And in its place was everything pink, red, heart shaped, and Cupid strewn. Lol….. Valentine’s Day already. But realistically, it is only a short month away…


Many people celebrate their love for their partner, or would-be partner by sending cards or letters, giving gifts or flowers.


But personally, one of my very favorite ways to show someone my love, it’s to cook them something… Especially bake them something.


Either way, the gesture of preparing your loved one something lovely in the form of a dessert… Is a very sweet gesture of your affection for them.


So in keeping with that idea, I decided to showcase some delightful dessert ideas for the most romantic of days. All of these sweets are keto, and vary in degree of difficulty.


And just remember with Valentine’s Day there are no rules, we live in a brand new era and you can celebrate the Day of love however you want, even if it’s just self-love!


First up, starting with the easiest and moving to a bit more work is:


Keto Berry Whips:

My family and I lived on these in the summertime… A very simple frothy and delicious dessert… It’s also very pink if you choose it to be, so it would be perfect for a holiday celebrating all things pink and red LOL. Simple flavors, simple steps…..but oh so lovely.


Keto Berry Whips
Keto Berry Whips


Find the recipe here:

Keto Berry Whips



Keto Chocolate Mousse:

Who doesn’t love chocolate for Valentine’s Day? This rich and decadent dessert is smooth ,creamy, and perfectly sweet. And when portioned a pretty cocktail glass, your loved one will surely feel your devotion.


Keto Chocolate Mousse
Easy to make Keto Chocolate Mousse



Find the recipe here:

Keto Chocolate Mousse



Keto Brownies:

After all brownies are one of the most universally liked desserts ever invented… And these keto brownies are decadent, fudgy, and firm. Rich, very chocolatey, but not too sweet. And with only six ingredients you will be wowing your sweetheart in no time!


Keto Brownies Extra Dark
Delicious easy to make Keto Brownies –                                                Extra Dark



Find the recipe here:

Keto Chocolate Brownies


Keto Strawberry Sweetheart Pie:

This is a mostly no bake dessert and utilizes my favorite shortbread crust. Make it in a heart shaped springform pan, and get extra points for your love and devotion!


A delicious keto dessert for that special someone
Keto Sweetheart Strawberry Pie


Find the recipe here:

Keto Strawberry Sweetheart Pie



Keto Chocolate Torte:

This is actually a converted recipe that we made keto… And although this only has four ingredients, it is a decadent showstopper!

You also only need a small slice to satisfy those deep chocolate cravings, and it serves a large number of people.


Low Carb Chocolate Torte
Decadent, delicious, low carb, a chocolate lovers dream



Find the recipe here:

Keto Chocolate Torte


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