5 Great Easy to Make Keto Appetizers

Top 6 Keto Super Bowl snacks

Score a touchdown with these crowd favorite Super Bowl snacks. Whether you’re hanging out before the big game or gathering ’round the big screen, these snacks are perfect for your party. Football season calls for warming, homey snacks, and meals you can eat without gathering at the table. We’ve got just the ticket. These party snacks, and dips will ensure your get together wins the day, regardless of whether your team does!


These Super Bowl snacks will be the MVP of your game-day spread.




Million Dollar Dip:


Million Dollar Dip | Keto Friendly
creamy million dollar dip



Super Bowl Snacks: Million Dollar Dip $ | Keto Friendly


First up is million dollar dip.. The best party dips tend to be the simplest ones, and that stays true for this recipe.

I highly recommend using pre-cooked bacon bits. I know freshly cooked bacon is a thing of beauty, but once it’s chopped up and mixed with the other ingredients you’ll be wishing you had saved yourself the trouble of dealing with bacon grease. Lol

Keto pizza roll up:

This is one of our newer recipes, and quickly became a favorite. Creamy mozzarella, pizza toppings baked for only 6 minutes and voila you’re DONE. easy-peasy cheesy.


No Sweat Keto Super bowl Snacks
Keto Pizza Roll-ups



No Sweat Super bowl Snacks


Keto hot drums:

If you’re like our family, chicken wings are a favorite. But let’s face it, as far as meat goes, they’re pretty meager. That’s where these babies come it. All the spicy, tangy favors of your favorites wings, but meaty!


Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks
Delicious, Keto friendly, Moist & meaty




Super Bowl Snacks: Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks | Keto Friendly

Buffalo chicken dip:

And speaking of Buffalo chicken…why not skip the bone all together and whip up this phenomenal dip. Cream cheese, Frank’s red hot and canned chicken get the party started on a dip that flies off the table in minutes!


Buffalo Chicken Dip
Buffalo Chicken Dip – Keto and Low Carb friendly



Keto Low Carb Super Bowl Dips


Bacon wrapped chicken tenders:

Also one of our new discoveries. When CJ first tried this, it was an Mmmmmmm, good. Touchdown!

Our recipe includes directions for oven, and air fryer, which gets the bacon super crisp. Delicious served with BBQ ranch sauce.


No Sweat Super bowl Snacks
Simple & Flavorful bacon wrapped chicken tenders




No Sweat Super bowl Snacks



Keto Big Mac Burger Bites:


Our newest addition to the fun appetizer family is the big mac burger bite. All the flavor of the classic fast food burger, only made ketogenic, mini, and a whole lot more fun! Plus the special sauce is great on anything.

keto big mac burger bites
All the big burger flavor only bite-sized



Keto Big Mac Burger Bites







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